Aleksandra Prusinowska

Aleksandra Prusinowska painter and printmaker


15.10.2010 - Individual Exhibition

Individual exhibition in „Od czasu do czasu” Gallery.
Opening: 15.10.2010, 19.00
ul. Armatorów 31
81-559 Gdynia

When 17 years ago Aleksandra became a Winner of the Art Competition "Gdynia - my town", art experts had no doubts that they had encountered an outstanding talent. The young artist delighted with her child's imagination, colour sensitivity and unparalleled maturity. Over the years people who have been oberving her development have appreciated the fact that she has been consistently building her own style and has been standing out beautifully thanks to her innate talent and enormous work over her technique. The artistic record of Aleksandra Prusinowska, the graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, is impressive.
I hope that the Gdynia's patronage has also played a role in Ola's development as she has been awarded for her numerous competition entries. She has also been granted several scholarships for her outstanding achievements since one of the missions of Gdynia's government is supporting development of young talented people.
I wish Aleksandra many successes - may they bring her joy and make our common town famous.

Mr. Wojciech Szczurek, Ph.D.
Lord Mayor of Gdynia


15.10.2010 - Paintings & Printmaking

"Aleksandra Prusinowska, the graduate of Fine Arts Academy In Gdańsk, started painting as a young child and was soon awarded several times, with her first at the age 7. Before she became a student she had a few individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She had also successfully made numerous illustrations to a few books. Her works were then noticed, which resulted in receving 5 scholarships, including the grant for particulary talented children offered by the foundation of Jolanta and Aleksander Kwaśniewscy. As a student she parcipated in 10 collective exhibitions and won a number of precious local and national awards. Aleksandra Prusinowska is not trying to succeed immediately, unlike her peers. She masters her works taking her time. She is hard working, responsible and critical of her works. These features, enriched by her unquestioned talent guarantee her successful future. Art studies and her independent work allow her to create in several painting and graphic techniques. Her first works were decorative watercolours with thematic diversity. It is particularly visable in her book illustrations which surprise with creative imagination, evoking fairy-tale climate with highly personal traces. Freedom and imagination, present in her early works still characterize her works. It is not easy to classify her art a particular style or trend. Aleksandra likespainting genere scenes with numerous people and animals or things among them, which makes us think that there is a very special climate and mystery in them. She uses realistic means enriched by sophisticated colours. She likes big sized paintings which enable her to achieve a 3D effect, impossible to obtain in small pictures. The subject of her works are people, animals or both. Many of them have a clear mark of discreet eroticism. Her linocuts are surprisingly mature, at the level which is usually achieved after years of work. They often depict psychological portraits of people or sophisticated compositions of people and animals, bound in mysterious way. They are modesty coloured and their texture is significant. Her imagination has made her latest works varied and intellectually interesting. Their artistic maturity is astonishing especially when we consider her young age and the fact that she is only beginning her artistic career. Taking into consideration her talent, determination and hard work, she is absolutely likely to join a group of successful artists soon." Zbigniew Szczepanek ISBN 978083-929159-6-6